Scotland’s New dementia Strategy is published

This week saw the publication of Scotland’s  third strategy. You can read the strategy here.


The Strategy  retains the focus on improving the quality of care for people living with dementia and their families. The Strategy focusses on improving the quality of care for people living with dementia and their families through:

The Scottish Government says that:

  • more people will have a greater  say and control over their dementia diagnosis and are diagnosed early enough that they can take as full a part as possible in their own care planning
  • more people will get earlier access to good quality, person-centred post-diagnostic support in a way that meets their needs and circumstances
  • more people with dementia will be enabled to live well and safely at home or in a homely setting for as long as they and their family wish
  • more people will get timely access to good quality palliative and end of life care
  • during the process of diagnosis and through all parts of the care journey, the critical input of family carers will be encouraged and facilitated, and carers’ own needs are recognised and addressed
  • people with dementia’s right to good quality, dignified, safe and therapeutic treatment, care and support will be recognised and facilitated equally in all care settings – at home, in care homes or in acute or specialist NHS facilities
  • there are more dementia-friendly and dementia-enabled communities, organisations, institutions and initiatives.

To do this the strategy will:

  • provide support for early diagnosis and guarantee ongoing post-diagnostic support to people who are newly diagnosed
  • help to promote the co-ordinatopnm of care during the middle stage of dementia; end of life and palliative care;
  • promote workforce development and capability;
  • improve data and information sharing; and
  • learn from research.

One of the aims is to move resources into community care and re-design local dementia care services., to make acute care in hospitals better and modernise care homes. There is also mention of the use of technology. housing and transport – all really important additions as is mention of work to support ‘Adults who go missing’, reducing prescriptions of anti psychotics and equality issues. There is also mention of Dementia Friendly Communities.

Will it work? Well opinion is divided. Local Authorities and Alzheimer’s Scotland, the Scottish Dementia Group office bearers and the Alzheimer’s Scotland National Dementia Carers  Group all support it.  However many leading charities such as Age Scotland, criticise the lack of focus on preventing dementia  (click here). Others have said that the new Strategy doesn’t pay enough attention to right and citizenship or to the fact that people spend most of their time with dementia living at home in the community.


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