An Apple A Day: Dunbar Day Centre & Dunbar Grammar School Visit the Apple Store




It started with a conversation with Kirsty McLuckie at Dunbar Grammar school about how the school could support Dementia Friendly Dunbar.  The school has been great supporter of Dementia Friendly and we’d done some visits and the school had hosted the East Lothian Intergenerational Network, so what were we going to do next?

We had no shortage of ideas and enthusiasm! There are so many ways that young and old folk can help each other. Where to start? We got thinking…..



A chance conversation with Colin in the Apple Store in Edinburgh gave us the perfect idea – let’s get people from the Day Centre and the School to the Apple Store in Edinburgh to learn about computers. Susie Eyton and the Apple Creative Team were up for it, we spoke to Alison Lange who runs the Dunbar Day Centre, Alison was up for it. We started to plan.



This was no mean feat! We had to find a day and time that suited everyone, ensure that the best of Apple’s Creative Team were available – oh and get transport arranged to Edinburgh and back.  But with a lot of commitment, focus and planning and more e mails than we could count, we did it! It was a real team effort.




It was an exciting day when Alison and 4 ladies and a volunteer from the Day Centre and Kirsty and 4 students from the school got abroad the school minibus and headed for Edinburgh.


“We had a great trip out together – the young people and elderly ladies got on well and Apple were fab….”

“We absolutely loved hosting a workshop with you…On the day, it felt like we helped to overcome some fears about technology and the iPad and have some fun at the same time,”

“The day was great. At least one of the ladies is now looking to buy one for herself. This would be the woman who graduated from playlists to you tube and from there to check out flights!”



Not only was it a great day for all concerned, it has built a friendship that we hope will blossom and Alison is approaching the Area Partnership to ask for funding for an Ipad for the Day centre so that Members can all get a go and share their skills.

The school too is making plans. Kirsty said:

“Our students plan to go to the Day Centre when they get their i pad to help create their playlist.”



We’ll be meeting soon to make it work and we hope others will follow on!

Many many thanks to everyone for making this work – Kirsty and Dunbar Grammar School; Alison and the Dunbar Day Centre and Susie and her team from Apple Store Edinburgh.

It took  lot of organising and a lot of commitment but was really worth it. I’m really looking forward to what happens next!



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