Dementia Awareness Week 2017


Dementia Awareness Week runs from 29th May to 4th June. It’s a chance to focus on Dementia, what it is, how it affects people and what we can do about it. ┬áThis year there are events happening across East Lothian.


  • We started with the launch of Dementia Friendly Pencaitland at the Pencaitland Primary School Family Fun Day. Thanks to everyone for a great day, including Ali from PlayList for Life. The conversation continues on 15th June…


  • On Tuesday 30th May there’s a Dementia Drop in at Haddington Day Care Centre when we’ll have the Occupational and Speech and Language Therapists, the Dementia Link Worker, Social Work and the Community Psychiatric Nurse all ready with advice and information. DFEL will be there too and the Day Centre has kindly agreed to do the refreshments, so you’ll get a (free) cuppa and bit of something with it. The Day Centre is raising funds for Alzheimer’s Scotland.



  • Thursday 1st June there will be a workshop as part of the North Berwick High Street Charrette. This relaxed session will be for anyone who’s interested in dementia – whether you have it, worry about it, support someone who has dementia or through your work. We want to make sure that dementia and other problems are on the agenda! ┬áPop in whether you live in, visit or work in NB.

  • Friday 2nd June Dementia Friendly Tranent is having a Tea & Blether to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Scotland. 10am – 12pm in the Fraser Centre. Everyone is welcome and they’re very open to offers of baking! Get in touch.

Dementia Friendly East Lothian is all about how all of us make the places we live, work in and visit a bit kinder. It’s about finding out about dementia, what it is, how it impacts on people and what we can do that will make a difference.


Whilst there is not yet a cure for dementia, there are things that make life with dementia easier for people living with dementia, their family and friends and there are things we can do that can reduce the risk of getting dementia (though there are of course no guarantees in life).

  • Find out about dementia. The Alzheimer’s Society has lots of good information and is updated regularly. (Click here)
  • Become a Dementia Friend (Click here)
  • Hear about dementia from the experts – people living with dementia (Click here)
  • Focus on the person in front of you, not the dementia
  • Smile, be patient and kind


A Dementia Friendly Community is a community where we all understand dementia and its impact and make sure people with dementia and the family and friends that care for and support them are included and respected. It’s one thing we can do that will make a difference to everyone in our community.

Happy Dementia Awareness Week!



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