Dementia Friendly Musselburgh: Development Worker

Dementia Friendly East Lothian and the Musselburgh Area Partnership share a vision of Musselburgh as place where people living with dementia and unpaid carers are valued and respected members of our community. We are passionate that dementia is about everyone.

Over the last few years. we’ve been meeting with community groups and activists to talk about dementia and how we can make a difference. There’s so much enthusiasm and energy for a community that welcomes and includes people living with dementia and unpaid carers from the people who live and work in The Musselburgh Area, and  people are keen to make a difference.

We’re delighted to announce that we’re looking for a Development Worker to come and help us realise our aspirations for Dementia Friendly Musselburgh.

Thanks to funding from Volunteer Centre East Lothian from the Community Mental Health and Well Being Fund, we’re looking for someone to work with us to make our hopes and aspirations a reality.

You can read about the job below or follow this link.

We will also consider applications from organisations or freelancers who want to take this on on a freelance basis.

If you’d like to know more or want to apply, contact:

For an Application Pack: please contact Sue Northrop:  or phone: 07727883881

 For questions of queries about the post, please contact:

Janice Macleod, Chair Musselburgh Health & Well Being Group:

E mail:

Phone: 07528856147

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to hearing from you!



 We’re advertising for someone to help us

Role:              Development Worker – Dementia Friendly Musselburgh

Hours:           Flexible, based on 35 hours per week

Location:      Musselburgh, but with a mixture of working from home and travel primarily in East Lothian

Pay:               Equivalent Salary: £20,000 –  £27,374 pa  depending on experience

Basis:            This is a 6months Fixed Term Contract.

We are also open to applicants who are interesting in doing the work freelance or as a project. The sum for this would be £20,000 in total

Whilst this is a serious project with serious outcomes, creating fun, joy and togetherness are important outcomes and key to success.

Dementia Friendly Musselburgh will support communities across the Musselburgh Area to be informed about dementia and enabled to create inclusive and empowering places for all.    It will link closely with the Musselburgh Meeting Centre we are setting up with East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership.

As Development Worker, you will play a key role in helping us realise our shared hopes and aspirations, working with people living with dementia, unpaid carers/supporters and communities across the Musselburgh Area and the Musselburgh Health and Well Being Group.

About Dementia Friendly East Lothian

Dementia Friendly East Lothian exists to transform the daily lives of people with dementia and unpaid carers and supporters. We want people to live and not exist, as valued citizenships and equal members of our communities. Our approach is inspired by the power of people with lived experience and communities to lead and influence decisions that matter to them. Our work is led by people with dementia and unpaid supporters, including our Board. You can read about us on our website:

Your role:

  • Promote and support the development of Musselburgh as a Dementia Friendly Community
  • Ensure people living with dementia and unpaid carers/supporters are full, active and equal participants, including as volunteers.
  • Work in partnership with the Musselburgh Health and Well-being Group, Connected Communities and VCEL to identify and deliver actions that tangibly improve lives and develop volunteering
  • Organise and run events, activities and communications that inspire and support our aspirations for Musselburgh and which build strong and enabling relationships across and within the community, all ages
  • Manage the project and required reporting and any financial monitoring.

About you:

We are looking for the right person for this challenging and rewarding post/project, so there are no essential qualifications.  Where the successful candidate requires training, this will be provided free, in work time as part of the post.

We positively welcome applications from people living with dementia and unpaid carers/supporters and people with a wide range of experience, relevant to the requirements of the job.

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Shares our values and aspirations for Musselburgh
  • Is positive, creative and flexible
  • Likes to work with people and teams, valuing diversity and ensuring everyone is included and valued
  • Has excellent time management and organisation skills.
  • Is self-motivated and works with minimal supervision
  • Is committed to equality and inclusion and rights

You should have at least 2 years relevant experience and be able to demonstrate skills in some or all aspects of the post. We would like you to demonstrate and give practical examples from any area of your life. Ideally we would like you to demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of Musselburgh, from your experience or knowledge.

Please draw on all your relevant experience. We value and recognise skills and experience gained through self-management, unpaid work, paid work, volunteering and your personal life.  Ideally this experience is round dementia, but we know that there are many similarities with living with and supporting other long-term conditions

We do not expect you to be an expert in all these areas! We will provide training and support as part of your development in the post.


If this sounds like your perfect role or you’d like to find out more, we would love to hear from you.

Closing date: WEDNESDAY 17TH AUGUST 5pm

Interviews will be on THURSDAY 1ST SEPTEMBER in Musselburgh.

We may hold a second interview if required.

 To apply, please send us:

  • A letter of application, telling us in your own words why you want the job and why you think you’re the best person to help us make Musselburgh Dementia Friendly
  • Contact details for referees – two people who know you and we can contact to ask about your suitability for the post.  Often this will include an employer, but not always. You should not include someone who is a partner or family member.
  • A covering letter with your name, contact details and stating that you are applying for the post
  • Completing the equality and diversity form is optional. It helps us ensure that we promote equal access and opportunity and fairness.

If you are applying as a contractor or freelance, please see further information in the application pack.


For an Application Pack: please contact Sue Northrop:  or phone: 07727883881


For questions of queries about the post, please contact:

Janice Macleod, Chair Musselburgh Health & Well Being Group:

E mail:

Phone: 07528856147

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to hearing from you!

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