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MC MB Museum April 23


A Visit to Musselburgh Museum 

One of the first visits for Meeting Centre members was to see the Musselburgh Museum’s exhibition Tawse were the Days – a look at schooldays in Musselburgh during the 20th century …. were they really the best days of our life?

As you can imagine this question prompted lots of stories in the group with many people agreeing that they were indeed good times and others having quite a different experience! 

 We walked the short distance from the Meeting Centre to the Museum. It was a really lovely spring day and we were given a truly warm welcome by Kitty and Betty who it turned out knew some of our members.  Kitty and Betty were so knowledgeable and explained all the exhibits and although there was lots of written and audio information it was great to have our own personal guided tour.  Thank you both! 

One of the members who was born and brought up in Musselburgh was able to see her old school records, the uniform and photographs of former staff and pupils some of whom she could remember…some more fondly than others!  Everyone said the displays brought back many memories of their time at school, what and how they were taught and what playtime and PE looked like (Physical Exercise if you’re not a certain age!) . There were other interesting information boards about Musselburgh generally and the opportunity to try some brass rubbing.  One of the members had never been in a museum before and enjoyed the experience so much we  want to go again.

All in all, it was a really good trip out and we returned to the meeting centre to enjoy our tea and scones with lots to chat about.   

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