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Our Coronation ‘Hall’ Party

Not to be outdone by anyone members were keen to celebrate the coronation of King Charles 111 in style! And we certainly did that with our “hall” party, sadly the rain meant that a “garden party was out of the question.

Members wanted to invite friends and family along particularly as many people had folk visiting for the long weekend. We also invited our Friends from the Friendship Group in Port Seton to join us. So, we made up our guest list of 25 people, we designed and made our invitations and got these out to all our guests by the week before. We spent a really enjoyable session finding out what some of us had eaten at street parties for Queen Elizabeth’s coronation almost 70 years ago and some people remembered the day quite clearly.

Not all party memories were happy! No-one wanted to every eat  blancmange again.  For those of us of a certain age, blancmange is a milky /jelly pudding which we all agreed was kind of like marmite – either you love it or hate it!   Our final menu was much more agreeable – sausage rolls, three different types of sandwiches, coronation quiche and lots of yummy cake. And of coursewe couldn’t have a party without thate1970s staple of cheese, onion and sausage on cocktail sticks. It all went down a storm.

Members made decorations and put up the bunting, so the stage was set on the morning of 8 May. Despite the awful weather  27 people gathered. It was just lovely to see so many friends and family join us at the meeting centre to toast the coronation and games. Human Bingo and a Name that King quiz. In Human Bingo instead of numbers you get things about us. For example, mark the box if you like reading or have red hair – nothing personal! In Name that King, we had a bit of controversy over the inclusion of mythical and fictional characters! However, Ian was the clear winner of this, and Evelyn won the bingo prize, both taking home some lovely chocolate.

To be honest everyone was a winner that day as most folk took home a delicious “doggy bag” to enjoy that afternoon with their cup of tea and everyone said how much they had enjoyed everything about the morning!

A good day for us all!

Take care and please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about what we do.




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