Fiona’s Blog: Remembrance Day at Musselburgh Meeting Centre

During early November members were delighted to be invited by the St Andrews High Church community to help with the planting of their magnificent field of poppies in the church garden. Members felt very proud and pleased to be a small part of this wonderful tradition. Thank you to everyone at St Andrews High Church.

We also felt very fortunate that this year, the 11th of November fell on a Friday, one of our meeting days, so members were very keen to hold our own Act of Remembrance. One of our volunteers and a family carer each wrote a remembrance poem and agreed to recite these. We did some research and found the information on the Act of Remembrance on the Royal British Legion Website and the group planned our short Act of Remembrance complete with a recording of the Last Post and Reveille.

On 11thNovember our meeting area was decorated with poppies. We all wore our poppies with pride as we held the Act of Remembrance in the hall and heard the poems recited – which was very moving. Afterwards, members shared storiees about remembrance services from across Europe and  round the world and we looked at and chatted about photographs of European War memorials members had visited abd brought along to share.

We ended our commemoration of Remembrance Day with a walk outside in the bright but pretty chilly winter sunshine and spent a few minutes reflecting in the beautiful field of poppies before getting back inside for a bit of a heat and some coffee and cake.

Take care and please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about what we do.




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