Fiona’s Blog: Seeing Musseburgh from a different perspective

Over the summer months all of our members have enjoyed trips out and about in Musselburgh with Cycling without Age. Thank you Morna and Ewen!

Members were a little sceptical when we first introduced the idea of going out on trishaw rides however as always they were absolutely willing to give it a go. So, in early summer the first of our intrepid members went off with Lydia and had such a good time that they came back absolutely beaming as you can see from the photo!

Ian and Evelyn shared with the group about what a fantastic time they had with Lydia their guide that the other members were all soon super keen to get out there too.

Morna at Cycling without Age has been wonderful in fitting in a ride most months for the members and all of them bar one ride had great weather too. Many members had not been around and about the harbour area of Musselburgh for a long while and and were so delighted to see it again and from such a different vantage point. The guides took the tri-shaws as far west as the Mussel sculpture which was great to see too and many photos have been taken and shared of these great mornings out.

Everyone had such a good time that trishaw rides are at the top of the list for outdoor activities next year! Lookout Morna

Take care and please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about what we do.




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