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For the past few months we’ve been delighted to welcome pupils from Musselburgh Grammar School to the Musselburgh Meeting Centre. Pupils and Members have spent time together celebrating Christmas, singing together and playing New Age Kurling amongst lots of laughter and chat.

The school has kindly we agreed we can share Ms Hannan’s Headteacher’s Newsletter article with you. 

Thank you to the pupils and teachers from Musselburgh Grammar for your friendship and fun.We wish you well on your future path. And look forward to welcoming pupils in the future.

Musselburgh Grammar School Head Teacher’s Newsletter

On Friday 24th May, the Wider Achievement ‘Dementia Choir’ group went to the Meeting Centre one last time this session. Over a coffee and cake, pupils shared their plans for the next year; some are heading to university, others to college and few staying at MGS. The members shared their stories of when they left school, some of them were no older than 15! 

The members presented pupils with good luck cards and a gift which consisted of oatcakes and sardines. The reason behind this unusual gift was that a Musselburgh tradition going back at least 300 years, was that any ‘youngsters’ leaving the town to go to work, college or University would receive a package of porridge oats and pickled herring as a goodbye present. This was to ensure that they would always have a full belly during their future studies or work. 

This year has been a huge success working with the Meeting Centre and it has been an excellent opportunity for intergenerational friendships to be formed. While we are saddened to see the current pupils move on, we are looking forward to the next session when the course will be running again with a new cohort!


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