The Magic 

The Magic – written by Yvie George to reflect her experiences when she worked at the Leominster Meeting Centre in Herefordshire.

Yvie went on to help establish Meeting Centres in Powys, Wales as part of Dementia Matters in Powys. 

You can read the full poem below and see a video here

What makes a Meeting Centre?


What makes a Meeting Centre? 

So the eye of the visitor who walks through the door 

Sees no segregation 

For that is our score 

Firstly it’s everyone’s unique presence and cheer, 

The fun the support the listening ear 

The ingredients you will need: 

One lovely building 

That’s happy and light 

A view from the window 

A few trees in sight 

A genuine welcome, for each who arrives 

From someone who is interested 

In everyone’s lives 

The warmth of a circle and music that plays, 

In the background to varied and interesting days 

Links with other places 

That offer us more 

For a meeting centre works 

Both sides of its door 

What to leave out? 

Now here are the things we want to leave out; 

Like cliques in the kitchen 

And the dinner served out 

Share and pass around food together 

Have all kinds of ideas for all kinds of weather 

No uniforms, no labels, or separate spaces, 

Then equality shows in everyone’s faces 

The method; 

Ask everyone regularly 

What they love to do 

And also remember to try something new 

A facilitator is needed 

To juggle and balance 

For keeping things fair 

Takes experience and talents 

Use as a guide the list of WHATS ON 

Be it massage, discussion 

Movement or song 

Ideas of the members 

Need to be foremost 

But inclusion of all 

Is what you will toast 

And just like some friends 

Who are out on the lash 

Toss contributions, for food 

Through a kitty of cash 

Combine imagination information 

And skills enjoyed in the past 

Add chat and meaning 

Think of a fun task 

Timings and temperature, 

Keep to the openness 

Of a place to drop in 

That is warm and inviting 

And welcomes all kin 

This poem is meant as a 

Momentous try 

To ensure, like the Red Kite, 

We soar and fly high! 






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