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I wish I’d known about this before – it would have made a huge difference.


Please help!! We need your votes to help us get funding to run Designs for Life Workshops across East Lothian.

All you need to do is register to vote as part of the Aviva Community Fund CLICK HERE  for the link. You’ve up to 10 votes.

Many of the people we work with can’t access the internet so we really rely on your help to get those votes in!


Why should you help us out?

Life with dementia is tough, it doesn’t just affect memory but affects vision, hearing and other senses. You can read about how it works HERE.

That means that the environment makes a huge difference to how people with dementia feel and how severe their symptoms are.

Designs for Life is a new project making life better for people with dementia and carers. A good environment has a significant impact on well-being. Thoughtfully designed surroundings can make a positive difference to the quality of life for people living with dementia and their carers, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

Workshops – We run practical workshops for carers where people learn more about dementia,  experiment with colour, contrast and light to create positive environments. It’s not talk and chalk! It’s hands on and collaborative so we share ideas and build confidence.



We make a real difference – The feedback from our development phase has been tremendous!


‘I wish I’d known about this before – it would have made such a difference’

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop…. both in terms of the influence of colour and just being with a group and meeting some new people. I think a creative workshop is a great idea – a day out for carers!’

‘All this help and support has made sure that I pick the best colours to allow my husband to be relaxed’

‘It was a great introduction to colours and tones and supportive living environments. As well as being very practical and hands on your workshop inspired much personal discussion’

‘I did enjoy the colour workshop and found it relaxing as well as informative. Alison was so gentle and thoughtful. I think it’s very helpful to be aware of our surroundings and their impact.’

‘I really like the colour scheme – it’s all looking really fresh and relaxing – thanks for all your wonderful input’

‘We’ve really enjoyed our time with you, your input has been invaluable. We’re thrilled with the colours and flooring. Our grateful thanks to DFEL and to you for your kindness and patience’


Design Advice – We’ve also helped to transform the interiors at North Berwick Day Centre and Longniddry Church using design principles recommended by the Dementia Services Development Centre, Stirling.  And we’ve also provided advice and support for private homes too.


Life Stories to capture memories and who we are – A third strand is  working with people with dementia and their families to create visual Life Stories which capture peoples’ lives on colourful fabric boards which can be changed and added to throughout life.


Community Support – Designs for Life has had great community support.  A generous donation from the East Lothian Health Centres started us off, and since then we’ve had gifts from the Law Quilters, the Glen Golf Club and the Abbey Guild.  North Berwick Men’s Shed have made the beautiful boards for Life Stories and local businesses supplied materials.  We’ve also had support from the North Berwick Coastal Health and Well Being Association to develop the workshops.

It works! We know that Designs for Life makes a real difference that you can see and feel. We know that people want and appreciate support and guidance.  The money from Aviva would enable us to run workshops wand provide guidance across East Lothian towns.

Every vote counts, so please vote and help us make a real difference to the lives of people who live with dementia in our communities.


Thank you


Sue & Alison

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