Celebrating Communities: Continuing the Conversation

On Thursday 28th January 2021 we held our second Celebrating Communities conversation. 

What happened

14 folk  were round the  virtual table for our second conversation. We started by sating hello and a short reminder of what we talked about last time. You can catch up on the first conversation here.

Our second conversation was as full and lively as the first.  We talked about  ideas from a range of communities about: 

Singing – Khlayre told us about a singing project she is working on within North Berwick. The project aims to bring all ages together to connect communities through song.

Events – Maya spoke about online events, including online concerts, and ideas for bringing elements of real life to them. DFEL will host their first online event of 2021 on Thursday 4th Feb at 2.30pm: Celebrating Scotland with Bruce Davies.

Walking – Hilary told us about plans in North Berwick for a walking festival, Olive mentioned her walking group in Haddington, Lucy about short history walks in Tranent, with lots of brilliant signs and information boards. Sue talked about the importance of having seats and benches on walking routes, and what work has been ongoing with the community councils to achieve this.

Maps – we all agreed it was really important to know what walks are around, where there are toilets and the cafes.  There are walking maps around that we could share or maybe make more dementia friendly. We think this would be a great project to look at.

Getting information  – we agreed we need to look at a range of ways of sharing news and information . For example local radio shows and stations, The East Lothian Courier, national TV 

Digital  – There was questions about digital inclusion and options. This is an important topic that we need to look at more.




We agreed that walking is a top priority in communities at the moment, and we need to work out ways to make this easier and more attractive.

  • Proposal of a walking festival, plan is to offer a series of walks, some guided some self-guided, a range of challenges, and family focused. Suggested links to ELC Access Officer and Paths for All for further support with this.
  • Lots of interest in  creating or updating easy to use maps of walking paths. A need for public toilets and seating, clearly signposted and accessible. Jaqueline pointed out the seating does not have to be just benches – in Dunbar there are concrete blocks!

There are lots of ideas to start us off, and we will certainly be continuing this theme as we move forward.

We saved the full chat from the meeting so you can read back on the full conversation:

Celebrating Communities 2 – 28.01 – Saved Chat

Or watch the full chat here on Youtube:


When we next meet again……

Next meeting: Thursday 11th February 10.30am

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Getting to know each other a bit better

We’ve done a very short Survey Monkey to find out what we each bring to and what we’d like to get out of our collaborations, plus a chance to share website and social media contacts. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NP5WTKM


 This work is supported with funding from the Life Changes Trust. The Trust is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund.  

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