Dementia Friendly Tranent: Galas, Bunnies and Fun!


Dementia Friendly Tranent hit the streets during Gala Week.  The Dementia Bunny and friends were out and about raising awareness about dementia and a smile or two along the way. It was a great day and the Dementia Bunny is becoming a well known sight in Tranent.  I wonder if we should ask David at the Fraser Centre for s special screening of the film Harvey.  Those of you of a certain age will remember it. James Stewart is a man whose best friend is a 6 foot three and a half inch invisible rabbit called Harvey. I won’t spoil the plot but it always struck me as a film with a lot to say about how we treat people who are different and it reminds us that we all have much more in common than we think if we just overcome our fears.  That’s what Dementia Friendly is all about of course, bringing us together.

So what next for Dementia Friendly Tranent?  There’s an open meeting on 20 June at 2pm at STRiVE on the High Street. We’ll be catching up on the Gala events and how it all went and thinking about what we might do next year.



Store Club Fund Raising Weekend for Dementia Friendly Tranent

We’ll also be planning for the Store Club Annual Walk and Bowling/Fun Day on 29 and 30 August. This year funds are being raised for DF Tranent. This is great news and we are very grateful to Joyce, Brian and the Store Club for their help and support.  We need you to help us raise money and  to decide how we spend it. It’s community money and we want it to go on the things that the community think are important.

There’s loads of ways you can help. We’d like people to do the walk, help us do publicity and organise the day; people to sponsor walkers and cheer them on on.  On the Sunday it’s all about coming together as a community where everyone can get together at a family fun day and bowling. We want to have an Ideas Wall where you can tell us what you think needs to change in Tranent and what you would like to see happen. As well as a good lunch and great company, we’d love to hear from crafts and pamper people who could come along (following on from the successful crafts fair). Or are you a performer? Dancers, singers, artists, knitters, a choir, a theatre group? If  you’d like to get involved in making Sunday a very special day for everyone please get in touch with your ideas or come along on 30th.

We want to make sure that everyone who wants to can get along, especially to the Sunday as it’s a chance to get together for fun and friendship.  If you know someone who maybe doesn’t get out often, who’d enjoy some company and a bit of a treat and needs a bit of help to get out and about, get in touch.

If you want to find out about getting involved in the walk or helping in any way, please come along on 30th or  get in touch with or Joyce at the Store Club, Maureen at Allan Ross or me.  We’ll post an update here and on the Dementia Friendly East Lothian Facebook Page after the meeting.

So get your running shoes on; get your purses and wallets out and get those ideas flowing – it’s going to be a great weekend!  I’ve heard lots of great suggestions for what we might do so come along and share your ideas and let’s make plans! And of course the Dementia Bunny has to be there!



The Dementia Friendly Tranent Bunny




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