Do you care for or support someone with dementia? We need your views!



None of you need an explanation about just how important family, friends and neighbours are in helping us when times get tough.  Family and friendships get us through many of the challenges of life as we support each other. Living with dementia makes the every day things of life harder and increasingly people with dementia rely on the friendship, love and support of those around them.

Do you provide help or support to someone with dementia? If you so, we need too hear from you.  We’ve just launched a new survey to find out what support carers need and we need to hear your views.

Things often build up gradually with people providing  a little bit of help with the shopping, taking over the driving, organising the house and doing the cooking. Getting out and about, staying connected and involved, gradually get more difficult and eventually people with dementia need more formal support. This is when family and friends make al the difference.

Many of us don’t call ourselves carers – we’re family, partners, friends. We do what we can because we care and that’s just what families and friends do. But with dementia, the help we provide often goes far beyond a little bit of help and can place great strain on everyone involved. Often it’s when we get to the crunch point when our health, other relationships and our work begin to feel the strain that we start to think about all the support we’re providing and how we are going to keep going. People with dementia often worry that they are being a burden on others. No one wins.

We want to find out more about what helps keep that care and support working so that people with dementia and those that support and care for them are able to live quality lives for longer. We need your help.



If you provide support or care for someone who has or you think might have dementia, or if you have done so in the past, please let us know what you think by filling in our survey.  Your views will help East Lothian develop better support. You don’t have to be living with someone, you don’t have to provide a lot of support every day. If you want to tell us what would help you do your bit to support other people who might have dementia, please get in touch.

DFEL is working with the Day Centres, Carers of East Lothian and At Home in East Lothian on the survey. As well as a questionnaire survey, we will be talking with people in some Day Centres, Carers Groups and people receiving care services at home.

We’ll report the fundings here.

Here’s the link to the survey. If you want to know more please contact me at DFEL ( or Carers of East Lothian.

PLEASE get in touch, we need to hear what you think!



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