Dementia and Sensory Challenges

  “I wish someone had told me in the beginning what it [sensory symptoms] was.” Helen Many people think dementia is all about memory and forgetting, but for many people  it involves much more than this. Agnes Houston is a person with dementia who experiences sensory and cognitive challenges. As Agnes spoke to other people with dementia she […]

What a Difference a Day Centre Makes

          Social isolation and loneliness – words that run off the tongue, but how many of us know what it feels like to be really lonely? A report by Dr Deborah Ritchie asked our Day Centre Members about their lives and what the Day Centre means to them. What comes across […]

DFEL Learning Event 31 March 2016: Communities are Doing it for Ourselves!

    On Thursday we held our third learning event in Haddington. Sixty four folk from across East Lothian came together to hear what our different communities are doing to become Dementia Friendly, share ideas and aspirations and make new friends. We were very fortunate and honoured that Professor James Mitchell, from Edinburgh University and […]

Do you care for or support someone with dementia? We need your views!

CAN YOU HELP IMPROVE SUPPORT FOR CARERS? None of you need an explanation about just how important family, friends and neighbours are in helping us when times get tough.  Family and friendships get us through many of the challenges of life as we support each other. Living with dementia makes the every day things of life […]

East Lothian has its say on the Scottish Government’s 3rd Dementia Strategy

    50 people from across East Lothian and beyond came together at the Brunton Hall in Musselburgh to share their views on what the Scottish Government should put in Scotland’s  Third dementia strategy. The event brought together people living with dementia, their families and carers, professionals, volunteers and people from the Scottish Government. We worked […]

Have your say on Scotland’s next Dementia Strategy!

  If you are living with dementia it can be really hard to get your voices heard. Now’s your chance to come along and have your say. Scotland has a world leading Dementia Strategy and the Scottish Government is consulting on how it can be improved and developed.  They want to hear from people affected […]

Get out and walk!

    The biggest risk factor for dementia is getting older. If we can slow our biological ageing process down then we might also be able to delay dementia and slow its progress. Research shows that there are 3 things we need:   A healthy diet and active life style Staying socially connected Keeping our […]